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Upcoming Gigs: Oct 25th: Brugata, Oslo w/- Biblo & Silje Nes

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    ANA X - Sound: Jasmine Guffond, Video: Ilan Katin

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Jasmine Guffond is an electronic musician and sound artist. She has performed live at various music and electronic art festivals including, What is Music?, The Now Now, ISEA, Klangbad, Sonic Architecture, Electrofringe, Full Pull, ICAS Suite, Wien Modern, Hybrids Art Australia, Adelaide Arts, CO/POP and more. Collaboratively and solo she has recorded music for CD, 12inch, and 7inch vinyl releases with the Sigma Editions, Staubgold, Monika Enterprise and Preservation labels. As Jasmina Maschina she composed, recorded and produced, The Demolition Series in 2008 for the Staubgold label, in 2010, a split LP/CD, City Splits : No.1 Berlin with ‘golden diskó ship’ on Monika Enterprise and in 2011 her second full length album, Alphabet Dream Noise.

Her music draws upon influences from experimental electronic, song and avant-garde music, working with abstract sound as much as traditional musical forms, aiming to create a concordant relationship between a sound that holds emotive power and musicality and a sensitive microscopic study of electro acoustic phenomena. Interested in exploring new environments for musical performance and composition, as well as working in site specific contexts, she has exhibited sound installations and developed works of varied scope based on the use of processed acoustic, electronic and found sound sources.

Jasmine works as a live sound engineer, sound designer and composer for film. She is currently undertaking the ‘Sound Studies’ Master of Arts program at the Universität der Kunst, Berlin, Germany.


She’s not only a talented vocalist and guitarist, but her electronic prowess is miles ahead of expectations. 5/5

Heathen Harvest Periodical / 1st October 2011