Looking forward to taking part in this great conference. Listening Walk May 9th, 15:00.


Excited to be co-hosting the seminar: Sound, Art and Technology-poiesis at UdK this semester with Daisuke Ishida. Summer semester 2015: “Crack in the City – Intangible Threat” – a project based artistic investigation upon everyday life in public space by means of art/sound praxis.

I will be giving an artist presentation 27.4., Fasanenstraße 1b, Raum 214A, UNI.K Studio für Klangkunst und Klangforschung

Last December my colleagues, Lukas Grundmann, Martyna Poznanska, Jacob Eriksen, Gregor Pfeffer and I made a site specific work for the Madeira Micro International Film Festival. Now you can listen to it on Bandcamp!


Yellow Bell Release Concert at the lovely Sonic Pieces / Miasmah HQ, Berlin

Berlin FM – interview with myself, Jessica Ekomane and Silje Nes about our work for the Kühlhaus, Sound Studies Exhibition.

Klänge, die ins Ohr gehen


Anywhere, All the Time, A Permanent Soundtrack to your Life – Listening Walk and CryptoParty
Meet at Kühlhaus, Berlin, 21.3, 12:00!


Sound Studies Master Austellung. The end of two years of intense, stimulating and rewarding study!

Anywhere, All The Time, A Permanent Soundtrack To Your Life – is an application for android devices that sonifies wireless WI-FI and GPS networks, providing a sonic presence to phenomena that usually lies beyond human perception.

Kühlhaus, Berlin, 13.3 – 21.3


Nice review from Fluid Radio!

“As soon as the vocal enters, a white-golden light descends over the music, crowning it with a halo…”

Mesmerizing Video by Ilan Katin for ‘Elephant’ from Yellow Bell | Sonic Pieces 021.


At its core, Yellow Bell is very much a warm and lush drone album, but its appeal lies in how tender, human, and unconventional Guffond can be within those confines.
Nicely indepth review from Brainwashed.


In the spotlight this week, next to Bjork – thnx again boomkat!


Sometimes time stands still! Sputnik Music Review.

The title track goes through multiple movements without ever sounding forced, concluding with a slow almost static drone during which time almost seems to stand still.


Radio Interview about my new album and live performance


Yellow Bell out on CD & Vinyl!!!! Nice review from Boomkat.

‘Just been blown away by this incredible new album on the Sonic Pieces label from the hitherto unknown Jasmine Guffond – an incredible trip through extreme bassline/drone treatments and sublime, whispered songs.’